Friday, September 15, 2006

Melu'z Birthday party inside ladies bar

Push , Mizad, Roahn and offcourse Melu we all gathered to celebrate our very own crowman melus birthday. As we just entered inside one of the bar near goregaon station mizad asked the owner "uncle Tv pe match dekhana hai tuo please zee sports rakho na" he said , the highlights of the match is not coming, but you can check out the news and can see some highlights if you want. We ordered apna regular vodka 2 quaters at the begining and lateron again three unless myself and rohan was already toon, bawa was like always keen to drink and eat more cause he is really best than all of us while eating and drinking . In chakna we had our nomal singg dana, chaklee same old stuff what we usallly get in our mumbiya bar. I got up and got some fags. Rohan was telling us about her new chic from our office, which was the hottest topic of the party. Bawa wanted to know what was that new chicks past, what she did with her last boyfriend etc and we all were against bawa, beacause we did not want to know about rohan's new chic and bawa was still insisting him to tell what she said and etc.... roahn and mizad (bawa) went to there house from auto and myself and mizad went by train like we laways do. I did not had anything on that night and slept directly.

Happy Birth Day Melu

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