Thursday, October 05, 2006

MPP's Nightmare |||------------>>

Do not know what was case today at the college? Firstly my name was not there in the list of people who were appearing for this exam. Now, when i inquired about my problem to concerned person, he first refused to give me any information and he told me'university may call karo aur phir exam de na", he checked my hall ticket and told me that you have cleared exam so you do not need to give this back. I was so lost at that time cause exam was already started and this dickheaded bastard was telling me to call up to university. I went outside, was looking for phone both i first tried to university but those morons were not pickin up the fone.

Suddenly, i had an idea of calling up mom. Luckily mira was there at home, i called up & told her to remove my Tybcom result from my drawer. she was looking for it, she did not find i was hung on the fone more than six to seven mintues, than finally she found out my result and she told the marks which were like 26, 26, 21. I kept the fone and i ran to the college back, i was looking for somebody who could help me out from this nightmare. I asked couple of people but like every government office they were sending me first floor, to ground floor, than back on second floor, go to main office, blah blah....ghoshhhhh my head was spinin like i had triple kashmiri in one drag. Finally i found that Ajay sir, i explained him evrything. Finally after all this he agreed and gave a place where i could finish my exam.

Where i had to finish my 100 marks paper in the span of 2 hours. After all this misery my mind was really blocked with al sorts of things in my mind. So, i was again on another jhol where i started to write old course of the paper where i was supposed to write revised course. Again wasted my 15 minutes and started all over again finally. The paper was really simple but too lenghty, speaically when you are there just to fake and write till the end as much as you could. I was too fast on my task but there are times where you are extremely paranoid, so i was in those times.I did my level best now let's hope for the best.

One more exam to go....
Speacial Thanks,
Ajay Sir,
Vartak College

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