Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Shall

I Shall Slap You,
i shall get drunk,
i shall eat dog,
i shall bleed in pain,
i shall laugh in tears,
i shall smell like pig,
i shall dream your way,
i shall spit in your eyes,
i shall leave you to die,
i shall brush your hair,
i shall kiss your forehead,
i shall pinch your ass,
i shall puke on your mother in law,
i shall drown in your milky dreams,
i shall neel down till you die,
i shall pull your hair,
i shall eat all your food,
i shall brake the windows,
i shall sing "song sung blue" when i am drunk with you,
i shall pay but only when you're dead,
i shall sleep when am all stoned & buzzin,
i shall drink desi daaru,
i shall dream dream & just dream about how to kill,
i shall dance when you're in pain or pleasure,
i shall get married to paris hilton & her hotels,
i shall be in rammu's next movie, Anand - It's all about urmila
i shall be the next freddie mercury,
i shall be the next princess of saudi,
i shall have 5,00,000 or more box of ice creams,
i shall want more pain, pain & just more pain,(cause it remains with you everytime unlike Pleasure)
i shall write second part of shantaram a.s.a.p,
i shall play the casablanca next,
i shall knock your door at 02:00am,
i shall protect you from all the miseries,
i shall give your share of bite, (For Instance. right across my chest)
i shall take my share even if you refuse,
i shall push you from the limit, till the limit, to the limit of misrey,
i shall smile just like that for you,
i shall sing blues & pop for you,
i shall rock 'N roll for you,
i shall make you happy when i am down,
i shall bless you, when i am jaded,
i shall do what i want when you're dead,
i shall take the blames & flames just to kill your ego,
i shall write love letters & poems when i cry in pleasure of losing you,
i shall need no more patients to treat myself,
i shall not go away from you,
i shall not grow more trees of memories(cause it lasts & grows forever in my heart like you & yours),
i shall just ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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