Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Munnabhai Praying For What?

I was watching news on monday on ndtv, where they were showing mr. sanjay sunil dutt was praying at one of the temple in mumbai. The day before the final call from high court on the 1993 blast case and on the cases where he was accused because he had some machine guns, rods in his house. Now my concern is why would someone who thinks has not done anything wrong, and still goes to the god and asks for the mighty god's blessing & help in the misery created by himself only(sanjay himself). I guess maybe he knows the court & justice secnario in india as well across the world. Sanjay Dutt was convicted of arms possession but cleared of charges of terrorism in relation to the blasts. Dutt's offense could result in a three-year sentence but the popular action hero has already spent nearly 18 months in prison during the investigation. The verdict comes at a time when the actor is riding a wave of success after a recent film turned out to be a huge hit.

If you are in middle of bad times so one has to suffer no matter how truthful or sinful your act is. Many people was supporting sanju on his act. See i and you do not know what was the actual picture of the blames which are on sanjay dutt but one can always understand you have to suffer or face the consequences on long term or short term becasue of your act throughout your life & till the end of your life.

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