Monday, November 20, 2006


It was not like any other normal day, which was waiting to get over. Nobody from us thought that we would meet up after so many days.i.e. more than two years. Our hippie gang elvis, kow, mellisa & me. Ross was like one of the friends but he was not with us during those amazing & innocent days or perhaps most wondeful days so far of our lives. I had got a fone call from mallu & zombie last week so i just got a feeling that we are meeting up soon. I was really happy about it. On friday i already had plan for an interview in one of those call center thing with the ref. of our bawa. He just got a job at hutchison call center. Was neither sounding too happy nor too sad.

Party began at about 2:10pm on friday. Kow was at his office like usual i was at andheri only becuase we had gone to drop niki to the airport. Next day i went to the office came back home & elvis called up so i went back to andheri from mira road. I met mallu at orlem we caught a rick directly to seven bunglows. Zombie was waiting at wine shop, ek pura kuhmbaa>? asked mallu to me, i shook my head with my weird look. 1.5ltr pepsi & 1.5ltr soda party just began. We had already called up rossi when we were in rick. Than mallu took my fone spoke to kow their he goes again, salla latttu phir fissla. Haan Haan yes am just coming just you guys start the party i shall be back soon. He came about 6:00pm they hugged,kissed blah blah we were all nicely drunk now. Zombie was at his best, he was rhyming the words like one of those 50Cent (apna desi aatt aanna, paachas paise jaisa) Mallu shared her secrets with us before kow came back from office. Zombie had selected his playlist of the eve which was expected to be nice, was indeed a classic picks from kows comp.

I puked because maybe i love it or otherwise i can not digest the booze whatever no regrets. People always reminds me when to puke and when not to. But who cares when you can not listen what they are saying when you are drunk & high above the sky right on cloud 69. I think we are now in 21st century so cloud 9 sounds pretty low haahaha any which ways. Rest were worst than me they were drunk but still wanted to drink drink untill they start abusing eachother on their every second sentence while having a conversation or an arguments. Mallu was the strongest among all of us. In most of the ways. We played Table Tennis at apartment . Ross had come, than we were like always playing rape rape, he wanted to go for sunday mass so did not stay back. We had little food & went to sleep.

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