Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Night at office..Goodbye 2006

This is the last day of this year 2006 at our office here in Aircheck. Was just chatting with simone on IM AND NOW just chillin with comfortably numb by pink floyd. Mom has promise to give me 50k when i go abroad but i think i should not take it, coz i feel mom needs it, but i can do onething i can take those money along when i go and use as per my requirement and spend it very miserly. Becasue am going their to earn and to look for a better job for me. I least now i have clinton out there so this place is not very new to me and as we all know how babuji aka clinton likes to visit places no matter what are the restrictions on that region. I miss em at times but am happy he is doing well and shall get married next year with niki, probably last week of the december 2007. Maybe he is not that old to get married but he is not too young as well so i think it is ok.

Even i shall get married after 4 years from now, depends on my career and financial posseion. i AM not in a huyyy to get married so far. Freddie got married and tomorrow robbin is getting married. Even savio and dianna are getting engagaed on Jan 2007. So i think all are finnaly almost settled in life.

This is the time to say fianl goodbye to 2006, was really fantastic with mix experience.
(Checkout Elvis,kow and me.)

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