Sunday, January 28, 2007

Elections & Dry Days

Haanji even i drink but not a regular drinker, so i am not bothered about these dry days which are implemented by our government because of gandhiji's death aniversary like every year & this time even due to elections. I am talking about mumbai since i am from mumbai not sure about rest of the india. I know it is not very simple for these bar owners and hotel owners since they will face a huge loss due to this five D-Days that starts from 26th Jan.(Republic Day, India), others includes Gandhiji's Death Aniversary, rest three days are one day prior to elections, second day on the election day itself & post election day.

In mumbai janta knows from where to get what they want even on the "DRY DAYS" so many people are just calm even though five days (120 Hours) are not short time but they are ready and totally relaxed because there are many parts across mumbai where booze is available no matter what is the situtaion. But the price is subject to change because it is black markeing after all. People who are really hard core drinker do not mind paying extra. Why are they slogging their assz throughout days and nights for what???

We here in mumbai never give damn about the restriction but we don't cross the bountries also most of the time people know how to have good time no matter what or what is the company or surrounding.

This is mumbai is blessed by god knows who becuase it has got this habbit of bouncing back no matter how bad they suffer.

God Bless Mumbai

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