Friday, January 05, 2007

waiting for the world to change!!

The Times Of India mumbai edition which i am reading from past some months. As i work nights and nights and just nights i do get time to read some articles and some more sports news but most of the times am too sleepy. The reading is my passion i read newspaper everyday and the day i do not read i am not done with my day. I have tried many newspaper infact not many, such as DNA, Hindustan Times, Mid-day and others i do not remember at the moment. I found hindustan times much better than DNA becasue i think DNA "Daily News & Analyse" has much more complicated vocabulary which is not at all suitable for my english language. The most articles are with words which are very difficult to digest atleast for me, offcourse and most of them goes above just like bouncers, so after reading for about 4 months i finally switched to Hindustan Times, for a change and also i wanted to read like i said as my passion and love towards newspaper and magazines.

This time i was not disappointed for sure. This newspaper is so informative and also with so many news which covers the range from daily news politics,bollywood, international news, hollywood, tv guide, medicines, school and college camps buzz movie revies, books and many more..OMG(ohh my god) i was so happy with all this. I directly booked a subscription for one year. I was totally flattered and my money was worth.

The one year eneded and still i was stuck with the hindustan times. After almost getting addicted my hindustan times i thought why i have not tried the most sellin newspaper in mumbai so far after switching to all this new publishing newspaper. I told my paperwalla madrasi anna he told me,"joa log time padte hai, wo sirf times padte hai", i told him boss you please get this newspaer for me also, he started from november 2006. Boy o' Boy i was totally stumped after reading some articles, their is on guy named kenneth lobo, he covers so much in this newspaper, i like the way he comes up with so many of innovative ideas almost every week.The times mumbai edition has section such as Bombay times which is covering page 3 gossips and happenings of party circuit from across the india as well as world. Education times which is really wonderful supplement from times. This section is my most favorite in the whole newspaper, it does not come everyday for sur e but whenever it comes i just love to read those write ups. Times property which comesonce in a week includes real estate scenario of mumbai and poona most of the times, so we can keep tab on our real estate if at all we have invested in it.In the year 2006 times came up with this new idea.

A series by TOI reporters on an unforgettable experience during their assingments in the year that has just ended. This is the really treat man, i juts love this special edition. There was an article on that series , it was about a bar dancers story. How she got into that profession & what happended when it was banned in mumbai? & other part of the country officially. The story was one of the most stunning story i have ever read in my life so far. It was heartwarming saga of a lady who was from mira road, later on she started as sex worker because she had her son and her husband was in very bad shape. He was suffering from some sort of illness which was almost out of control. She had to do all this just to keep her family intact. She did this work till her son got into college and she always had this fear in her mind, that her son should not know about her work. The story was with amazing climax, it was just like a very small article in the paper but was really touching story.


Playboy was the first and my only inspiratin when i just really started to look out for magazines and collecting those articles which i liked and still have some of those with me.

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