Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thinking of writing back again

I Konw i am writing this after a very log time but what to do!!!! since i mentioned earlier that i won't be able to come back for a short period of time since i have changed my job. I am no longer working with Aircheck India, Yes. thats right! The company where i have enjoyed the most in my life so far in my this 24 point something life's span on the planet earth. Seriously man, i have met so many good friends, so much of varity of people. Offcourse varity in the nature of people cause i do not assume too much about how they look and things like that....any which ways

This new destination of seems quite good so far but i know time changes and people also does change with the changing time. I know too much of philosophy it getting on me these My batch was of 25 people, 2 did not join after the offer letter and rest all were coming almost regularly. It been now 50 days in this new ofice so called Firstsourse...things are pretty ok not that good as well, but no complians. Ya its just me at the end of the days and not the people around. There so mnay good looking babies on the floor. It was not a very easy way since we had to work really hard to get through assesment which wee just like the board exams for us but any which ways most of the batch has cleared....

I wanted to lay holi but i was at kow's place and he did not wanted any colours on him cause ut was a lent season catholics and kow is catholic so we were just watching some DVD's. Those were really good movies. The first was The bourne identity part .1 and 2 later. after that the itlaian job and the last was the ghostrider which was really sad movie the last one.....

I want to go the show of iron maiden which is in banglore on 17th of march 2007. My friends are going but as i said new job so i won't be able to ask for any leaves.


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