Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good, Morning how can i help you today?

I had never imagined this would turnout to be like this. I was trying for many years to get in to call center for various reasons the manin reason was to improve to my wired english, with also financial related things which were concerning for past so mnay years. I was always in some sort of feeling that some day i will get this job, which was infact very difficult as per my command over english language coz infact i have done my studies where i learnt english as second language. I know basically as we say as i was from vernacular medium but that did not affected my willingness to learn english language.I kept learning and speaking the languages with my pals who knew very good english because it was their mother tongue so it helped me a lot.

My friends were shocked when they knew about my call center jobs. Before i was joined i was very confident but once the training process strated i was nervous at times but after spending sometime it was a way better. Like every other job which i had done in the past, it was on e of the same expirence with this also 24/7 it used to run in my mind the same thing. What i was doing at my office or rather at my work place. Even in my dreams i used to talk like as i have joined a call center, i am like' Good Morning, how can i help you today??''

Like any other new job i feek here also alone most of the times cause as it is new place for me, new people around some are as new as me , some are seniour to me yet the do not act like snob, and some do act like snobbish with new joined employee. Any which ways life still goes on, like we all know that we just have to serve our purpose on the planet and say goodbye to others.....

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