Sunday, May 13, 2007

Metro...story of mr.basu

I saw today the movie called "METRO", start cast good, picture was really nice. One of my favorite actress was there in the movie, yes konkana sen which is always been next to my dream girl "NANIDTA DAS" in the hindi film industry. Songs were sung by some bangladeshi band i guess i only know the name of the lead singer JAMES, that vocalist from that band with long curley hair. I am surely going to buy the music record of this movie simply amazing.

Thing is like we had plan to go fro movie for the first time like me and my mother and later even my mom said let's take sister along so i said ok, later whne my elder sister called my mother chnged her mind and said, she will not come cause movie is not for old aged people that what my elder sister's name told my elder sister hence she gave the same feedback to my mother. Like always mom did chnged her decision after that and said she won't be able to come for movie. later i said any which ways i wanted to see that movie so i went all alone for the 1515 show at cinemax miraroad, enjoyed the movie. now we are going for dinner here with my one and only loving mother in the all i'll let you no sorry running short of time...

Btw happy mother's day to you..

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