Saturday, September 30, 2006

Albert Soans letter to Manager !!

Respected Mr. Tejas,

This is to inform you that i stay in chawl and my room is 10 by 15 so you can imagine that there is only one room for entire family so that in the day its giving me problems , areas children has a vacation so that they play & scream , all the machiwala and bajiwala also has their screaming coz we are attached to roadside and while my mother does the work its also disturbs me a lot and from yesterday our neighbor has started to repair his room so that the working noise is giving me horrible experience I can get the sleep properly , so in the night at work I am getting sleepy and headache. Their work it will take for 20 days more and after completion of their work our room will be taken to repair & renovate means more 20 to 25 days it will take. So it is my humble request to you that please help me in getting into other shift may be day shift or afternoon shift will also work for me. I expect you will seriously look into my problem and help it out.

Yours sincerely

Albert Soans

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