Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nicobar Tea

Most of the people who knows me are aware about my eating habits as well. I pick and choose whatever i feel like depending upon my mod offcourse, i am a moody person & i am ok with it. Today i came from my friendz place to my home, as i came bhabi gave a glass a water like always she does. She offered me tea and first i said no i do not need but as i said and as i always mention "moody things which i do", i said ok make a nice light tea, without any ginger or masala chai. She asked me are you sure you do not want masala chai, i never answered back so she understood. A light tea means light and no masala means vice versa. I was just going through my daily check on writing and other wite ups alongwith checking my mails and replying etc.

She served me a light chai which i have never ever tasted in my life, see am damn choosy about many things in my life. After all these days when bhai and bhabi got married she is a bit aware of my likes and dislikes because she prepares food and tea, coffee for us alongwith amma. so, again i will get to the point about light chai, it was totally bizarre, i was wondering she might have gone down from window and must have taken flight directly to nicobar and must have got a gallon of water in and directly back from the same window in a flash. Finally in the cup on which my name was written.There i was quitely sipping and cursing myself, why did you said you want light tea? Now i think i have to forget all that light and dark tea, perhaps one of the only incident which has given me the answer of my habits.

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