Saturday, September 02, 2006

Anu & Rajan !!


This my request you to you both is that please do not fight!! Mummy who is alwayz ready to fight and papa was equally intersted, but most of the time mummy used to have the last word. If papa ever spoke anything than we all bachha party used to take mummy's side, but i was dancing between two of them. Papa always had financial problems and worst part was he was working as a accountant as a part timer somewhere in mumbai. I said somewhere casue i was really young when papa was working in his and our bad days. He used to walk miles just to get till the railway station where he gets his favorite rugda pav. He used to get for us also but to adjust the money he used to walk a lot to save money for our food. which was not sufficent where 1 person is earning and others are either too young or unemployed for various reasons, such as studies Etc. Papa alone was working that too part time.
Ek aadmi itna tuo nahin earn karta tha ki sab tik sa rahey.

Mummy still like mad lady or otherwise in good words i can say was frustrated by the situation of our family. Fighting 24/7 no matter how hard papa was trying in those days.But somewhere i belive even she had burried her dreams, where she got married to papa. In olden days we did not had very simple tradition of marriage. If someone at the age of 17 gets married in old days. where people were much innocent than now(they were not blind or stupid either), mom did not had any choice but to get married. Even on otherside of the story where papa was as cool as john lennon in those days. I do not know about papa's young days stories cause we never had these conversation, maybe i was not interested because Mummy and papa was fighting every time, and like most normal child i used to stand behind mummy and cry no matter how dangerous was the fight. I didn't knew why they were fighting till almost 30 years after there marriage. At times i think money was only cause of concerned and yes now i strongly belive that was the prime cause of all the fights in my house.

Mummy fought back with life, for survival & she indeed pulled all of us out of that miserable & memorable lesson which life thought us. She started tiffin supply where me and other baccha party helped joined her.Guys trust me it was a great hit!! mummy's tiffin service was rocking in all part where we used to live. I was the tiffin delivery boy who didn't had cycle which was needed in those time for delivery of tiffin. Mummy and i used to get up in the morning (mummy at 5:00am & 6:00am i)for peoples early morning brunch, which included tea, coffee, upma, powa, idli, parathas. Which was really amazing. She did her best with this tiffin service, which we all still cherish those wonderful memories of our life after all thses days, where we all are living happily in the parts of suberbs, somewhere close to borivali.

miss you,


Kaapi Prash said...

Hey, I liked reading your blog ... there is something very personal and extremly casual in your use of language ... ofcourse, you could do well with a generous helping to improve your english grammer. But keep writing ... that would help you become comfartable with putting your thoughts in words. Once u get the flow of it ... then language and grammer would come along pretty easily.

pushpendra said...

Thank you mate!!

yes i am working on my grammer & spelling part.I will surly come up with better post.

Push Vs Pull said...

:) gREAT eMoTiOn BuDdY