Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shantaram In Hindi.

It's been all most three months for me but i still have not finished the book yet due to various reasons. I have read so far and liked some bits of the book, since it's around 936 pages book, it's a bit too much for me. At the same time i have got an interest in reading someday i'll slowly but surely reach untill the last page. The language is not an issue with me but maybe beacause of my bad time management, so far i have not finished eading the book.

This book is not at all under rated, luckily it has got a good responce in most of the part of the world.(offcourse including india) THose who are not aware their is a film coming very soon which is based on this story shantaram, feaurting Johnny Deep As shantaram. I hope it will not be flop as da vinci code as compared to book version. Whereas in the book "Da Vinci Code" was written on a religious topic with the large number of people's faith came into the picture. Most of them did not like whatever was written in the book and when finally movie was released & people rightly compared with the novel of DAN BROWN, which gave review of a another big flop atleast in india. Even though the movie had a great cast.

Indian version of DA VINCI CODE, cast according to me should be Naseruddin Shah, Malika Arora, Irfan, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri as a lead cast of the film.

SHANTARAM which again a book based on a real life of the author himself, the cast which i would like to see is Feroz Khan as a SHANTARAM, along with Nana patekar as a Taxi Driver, Tulsi virani as a mother of the cab driver.

"Five point Someone" Farooq shaike as Chetan, Mark Robbinson & Rahul BOse as his mates in college( IIt)

Please do not appoint my cast as mention above unless my project is done with them!!!

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