Monday, November 06, 2006

Boring Day......Sleepy November

Could not sleep only. I was wondering what must be the reason. I got up around 12:15pm after two hours on bed but no sleep,finally got up. I was just about to check my mailbox. Mail could not check since my connection was not available due to some technical shit. Everytime it shows server can not log you in. Maybe they must be having some time where they must be upgrading the system.

I met Rajesh my gym insturctor after almost a year or so. He gave me a lift till my building. I was about to go in gym in morning but was feeling very boring. Right now am too sleepy in the office at 5:00am in the morning.After joinin the nightshift i feel all day sleepy which is quite obvious & hungrey most of the time. Just waiting now to get over mummy's operation. She is pretty tense about her operation still it is not confirm whether it needs to be done or no, waiting for our family doctor's advice. challo let us see what happens.

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